J.W. Festini has been writing since his mid-teens, when he began writing poetry. It was at that point that his parents had him tested, and the results showed him to be a literal genius. He continued writing, starting a series of journals that he would add to faithfully for the next 20-plus years. These journals contain some of the insights that are incorporated into this book.

J.W. draws on his own life experiences for Life: There’s an App for That. In this book he shares how he and others weathered the Great Recession of 2008. Like many, he lost everything. But unlike many, he was able to rebound quickly, and just a year later began incorporating social media into his business, well ahead of others in his field.

Having suffered a devastating series of family events in 2011, He chose to turn them into helpful inspiration for others rather than succumb to depression. He uses these life experiences to help others answer the question, “Why am I here?”

He studied the teachings of people whose lives are dedicated to helping others, and in Life: There’s an App for That, he puts a fresh, new, high-tech spin on self-help, one that will surely resonate with the readers of this book. His goal is to enrich the lives of others.

In addition to writing Life: There’s an App for That, J,W, Festini also writes a popular blog, produces videos on YouTube, and hosts a syndicated radio show podcast.