Cleverly written in the form of a technical manual, Life: There’s an App for That is the author’s way of helping others find and fulfill their main purpose for being here: to leave a legacy. He shares his thoughts and personal experience in a relaxed and conversational manner easily understood by young people today.

Topics such as Programming, Ambition, Determination, Self-Esteem, and Optimism will help inspire and guide people toward their goals. Others such as Imagination, Evolution, Epiphany, Powering Up, Sharing, and Mentors, describe how to achieve those goals. Balancing out these sections are realistic ones such as Fear, Viruses, Starting, Challenges, and Powering Down, which are also facts of life that rather than avoiding, are addressed.

When we are children, we are filled with imagination, but as we get older, we lose the ability to dream. In our busy lives, trying to “make” a living, we forget about the “living” part. It’s understandable; it’s the way most of us were raised. How many times have we heard well-meaning adults tell us: “Stop daydreaming and get to work.” For most people, this leads to an unfulfilled life, and questions like “Why am I here?” or “Where am I going?” are either asked too late, or not at all.

The book likens our life journey to the apps that are installed on computers. The well-worn phrase “There’s an app for that” inspired the author to imagine what it would be like if we could create apps for our life. We program the apps, and then we need them, we tap the icon. We program the app for Mentors, for example, by studying the good works of those who’ve gone before us, whether living or dead. Benjamin Franklin is a good example. Steve Jobs is also mentioned throughout the book. When something occurs in our life that we don’t understand or know how to deal with we can press the Mentor app and find out what someone else has done, then apply it to our own life.

This is a modern self-help-type book, but is also based in reality. The author shares how he and others weathered the Great Recession and other obstacles with the help of the Starting Over app. In order to help guide the reader toward a more fulfilling life, the question “Why am I here?” is answered straight away: We are here to leave a legacy for those who follow. This frees the reader up to then pursue a meaningful life on the way to Powering Down.

He ends with motivation for the reader: “When I can see the world through . . . these bright eyes, I will live a life of giving and sharing. This is how I will create a legacy. Power up.”